Canadian Online Publication Group (COPG)
Governing Legislation: Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (Corporation Number: 1055965-2)
2073, Arch street, Alta Vista, K1G 2H3,  Ottawa, Canada.

Canadian Online Publication Group is a non-profitable international publisher established in Ottawa, Canada in 2017. All articles by Canadian Online Publication Group will be permanently available online to the public without restrictions or subscription fees. All articles are permitted to be used, copied, and distributed, on condition that appropriate acknowledgement is included. All published articles will be assigned a DOI number (Digital Object Identifier), and will be maintained and searchable using the LOCKSS system.


Canadian Prosthetics & Orthotics Journal (CPOJ) is owned by the Canadian Online Publication Group and is hosted by the University of Toronto Libraries. CPOJ promotes unrestricted access to articles for prosthetics and orthotics professionals, researchers, and rehabilitation teams.