About Us

Canadian Online Publication Group is an international publisher established in Ottawa, Canada in 2017. At Canadian Online Publication Group (COPG), we are passionate to promote and disseminate knowledge by publishing fully open access journals. We believe that with the help of our highly qualified reviewers and academic editors, we are able to accomplish this task.

Number of citations is one of the main measurements for author productivity and impact in each field. Publication literature shows that number of citations is typically related to the paper visibility. Furthermore, the number of citations contributes to over 30% in the university rankings. Therefore, most of the scientists and universities are looking for effective methods to increase their citation record. With COPG your research is more visible. We optimize articles for search engines to improve your research visibility. At COPG, we will publish at the following disciplines:

  • Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Engineering & Biomedical Science

Canadian Online Publication Group welcomes your submissions, feedback, comments and support.
For more information please contact the management office: info@online-publication.com