Plagiarism and Data integrity

Plagiarism in all its forms is unacceptable and unethical. Canadian Online Publication Group (CPOG) considers all forms of plagiarism and copyright infringement a serious offense. Appropriate author acknowledgment must be clearly indicated in the submitted manuscript. In-text citations must be inserted appropriately and citations must be correctly associated with a corresponding reference list. In cases of plagiarism, inappropriate data processing, disputed authorship, or duplicate publication, the CPOG reserves the right to retract the published article and if necessary, take legal action. Based on the retraction guidelines of COPE, the retracted article (including the title and authors in the retraction heading) and the reason for retraction will be specified promptly in the journal website. If due to honest error a small part of an article proves to be misleading, we consider issuing a correction.

At COPG, we adhere to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) recommendations:
(a) Suspected plagiarism in a submitted manuscript
(b) Suspected plagiarism in a published manuscript

The COPG publishes research article that is reliable and follows the international standard for scientific research. Figures/Images should precisely replicate the original data. We may contact corresponding author and request source data for any figure/image before publication. We encourage authors to submit their database used in the research study as supplementary files (appendix) or host database on the authors’ personal or institutional website.