Management Team

Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim,
 BEng, MSc, PhD,
Co-founder (COPG)

Creator of “Research Tools Box”,
Technology Management Consultant,
Virtual Teams expert,

Dr. Hadi Salehi,
BSc, MSc, PhD,
Co-founder (COPG)
Assistant professor,

Director of Research in Faculty of Humanities,
Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Isfahan,

Dr. Hossein Gholizadeh,
BSc (P&O), MEng.Sc, PhD
Co-founder (COPG),
The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre,
505 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1H 8M2,

Elham Yahyavi,
BEng, MSc (Biomedical Engineer)
Co-founder (COPG)
Arch Street, Alta vista,Ottawa, Canada

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