With Canadian Online Publication Group, your research is more visible. We optimize articles for search engines to improve your research visibility. The number of citations a paper receives helps determine the impact of your research. Your papers won’t be cited if no one finds your paper. By optimizing your articles, you guarantee that your articles are indexed and generally gain a higher rank in academic search engines such as Google Scholar. The closer your paper is to the number one search result, the more likely it will be read and cited.

For Advertising your research works, please contact us.

For Advertising your research works please contact us!

 Effective Strategies for Increasing Citations *

  • Publish in Open Access (OA) journal
  • Use a unique name consistently throughout academic careers
  • Use a standardized institutional affiliation and address, no abbreviation!
  • Repeat key phrases in the abstract while keeping readability
  • Select correct metadata
  • Optimize your article for Google Scholar and other academic search engines
  • Become member of editorial boards, program committees, and review boards
  • Start being editor of journal special issues, edited books, and organize scientific events
  • Doing basic research on trends, hypes, and hot topics
  • Avoid selecting a question type of title
  • Select a short title for the article
  • Use more references
  • Publish a longer paper
  • Cite relevant thought influencers in your article (To be the best, cite the best)
  • Make a unique phrase that reflects author’s research interest and use it throughout academic life
  • Write a review paper
  • Publish tutorials papers
  • Publish with international authors
  • Write article collaboratively (Team authored articles get cited more)
  • Publish papers with a Nobel laureate
  • Increase number of publications in peer reviewed journals
  • Keep your professional web pages and published lists up to date
  • Make your research easy to find, especially for online searchers
  • Dissimilar Gender Working Groups
  • Contribute to Wikipedia
  • Start blogging
  • Share your article on all social media platforms
  • Interact with your peer connections through academic social media
  • Individually email the pdf file of your published papers to selected collaborators
  • Sharing detailed research data
  • Use all “Enhancing Visibility and Impact” tools which are available on the following link:

Managing and Leading Creative Universities – Foundations of Successful Science Management: A Hands-On Guide for (Future) Academics

For Advertising your research works please contact us!